Project Update

Site of Konza Technology City
30 May, 2014

Ground work for Cadastral Survey Completed

The Cadastral Survey is a regulatory milestone that is instrumental in the beaconing and parceling of the area under Phase 1 of the city which covers 400 acres. The University of Nairobi Enterprises and Services (UNES) Limited has completed the groundwork for the survey. Five Control Beacons have been installed strategically within the city, for reference in future mapping and surveys. Nine hundred boundary beacons have been installed on the area under Phase 1 to demarcate the boundaries for individual parcels and infrastructure within this phase. The completion of the Cadastral Survey paves the way for the development of Phase 1 infrastructure, which includes construction of power lines, laying of water and sewerage lines, laying of the fibre optic cables and the ultimate development of verticals.