The Opportunity


Infrastructure construction and operations will be funded by both the public and private sector, depending on project finance capacity. It is anticipated that on-site infrastructure components that can support user fees will be developed in partnership with the private sector. KoTDA will grant long term operating permits to companies willing to develop and operate Konza’s infrastructure. The use of PPPs will allow Konza to develop world class infrastructure while at the same time ensuring high quality service provisions by taking advantage of the private sector efficiencies and professional management.

Potential infrastructure components identified to be developed through the use of PPPs are:

  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Solid waste
  • Communications (e.g. fibre optic cables)
  • Power
  • Transit operations

Real Estate Development

KoTDA will lease plots to private real estate developers that meet design guidelines and provide a sustainable economic model. Land lease terms and subsidies will be negotiated on a parcel by parcel basis. KoTDA expects to be able to offer a competitive package of incentives.

Operations and Services

KoTDA will provide the majority of city services, but may contract with service providers on an as needed basis. All services provided will operate at world-class standards and employ cutting edge green technology.

For current investment and partnership opportunities, please see Tenders & RFPs.