• What is Konza Technology City’s relationship with the Government of Kenya?

    Konza Technology City was conceived by the Government of Kenya. Konza will be developed under public private partnerships in which the Government will take a minimal role, developing basic infrastructure and regulatory guidelines. The Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA) was formed to regulate the development, governance, planning, management, and maintenance of Konza Technology City. The Government oversees and appoints members to KoTDA’s Board of Directors.

  • Who owns and controls Konza Technology City?

    The 5,000 acres of land that comprises Konza Technology City was purchased by the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology on behalf of the Government of Kenya. KoTDA controls the land under a 99-year ground lease from the Government.

  • What is the timeline of developing Konza?

    The City will be developed in 4 phases over 20 years. This will enable rapid growth whilst ensuring that the civic amenities and infrastructure grow with the population’s needs.  The initial phase is in progress and is expected to be completed around 2017.

  • What is the buffer zone?

    The “buffer zone” refers to the land adjacent to Konza within a radius of 10 kilometers on all sides. The purpose of this “buffer zone” is to promote harmonious development between the city and its environs, and avoid slums and unplanned developments.

  • What is the investment criteria at Konza Technology City?

    Preference will be given to those investments that are able to generate education, life sciences, telecom, and BPO/ITES jobs, supportive services and complimentary residences, as well as contribute to gross domestic product (GDP). A standard criteria for shortlisting interested investors will be made available.

  • What are the investment opportunities in Phase 1A?

    Real estate developers interested in building commercial office space; retail and other entertainment amenities; hotel; mixed-income permanent housing; temporary housing; public facilities, including worship centers and schools; and infrastructure, including transportation/roads, ICT/broadband, and utilities. Priority will be given to technology and education tenants interested in leasing space within one of the aforementioned building types. There will also be opportunities for public private partnerships (PPPs) interested in developing public infrastructure and utilities.

  • Can I buy land at Konza?

    No one will own land at Konza. The land will be leased for specific use as stipulated in the master plan.